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Program Benefits

The RCR and associated infrastructure are being designed with the community and environment in mind and will provide benefits to both. Benefits to each are listed below.

Community Benefits

neighborhoodThe RCR will contribute to the quality of life for current and future residents of Paulding County Specific community benefits include the following:

  • Stabilizes the water supply
  • Stabilizes water rates long term 


Environmental Benefits


The RCR will help to protect the environment.  The intake on the Etowah River will be timed to withdraw water during periods of high river flow related to wet periods and during periods of controlled power generation releases from Lake Allatoona. By doing so, the RCR will not negatively impact in-stream flow requirements during times of heavy usage or drought. The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has strict low flow protection requirements in place to protect downstream users and wildlife in the Etowah River; Paulding County will be monitoring conditions on a daily basis to adhere to these requirements.

Specific environmental benefits include the following:

  • Does not create low flow conditions in the Lower Etowah River.
  • Helps maintain the delicate ecological balance of the Etowah River.
  • The low impact design at the raw water intake will protect fish species.
  • Provides treatment options.
  • As required by the Section 404 permit, Paulding County will acquire mitigation credits.  Stream and wetland mitigation banking is a program managed by the Corps of Engineers that requires organizations to preserve environmentally sensitive areas. For more information:
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